National Guidance

"Patients with heart failure have a lower mortality during and after an admission if they are cared for by cardiologists and have access to a specialist multi-professional heart failure team. The British Cardiovascular Society supports all endeavours to implement specialist cardiology care for heart failure patients, throughout the UK, to improve outcomes for this patient group." - President of the British Cardiovascular Society 2016

"Considerable emphasis has been placed on the role of the HF Specialist and the multidisciplinary specialist team which they lead. The term ‘specialist’ denotes a physician with a special interest in HF (often a consultant cardiologist) who leads a specialist multidisciplinary HF team of professionals with appropriate competencies from primary and secondary care". – National Heart Failure Audit 2016

Consultant Cardiologist & Heart Failure Specialist in Manchester

Dr Shaw given national award for Heart Failure care

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Heart Failure Assessment Service

NHS: Wythenshawe Hospital is known throughout the North West for its very busy Heart Failure service. There are daily heart failure assessment clinics and three specialist nurses who independently prescribe and see patients in addition to cardiology trainees and three Heart Failure consultants. Patients should be referred by a GP or another consultant in order to be seen. Dr Shaw runs his clinic on thursday mornings. He prioritises seeing the sickest patients, particularly those under the age of 70 years who might be suitable for advanced therapies. 

Private: Dr Shaw provides private specialist assessments for patients suspected to have Heart Failure, or for those with known Heart Failure who would like an expert to review them. He can ensure that patients have been accurately diagnosed and the right treatments are being considered. Dr Shaw can also offer ongoing follow up for patients who wish to have regular specialist consultant level surveillance. Private appointments are held at The BMI Alexandra Hospital or Spire Manchester Hospital. Dr Shaw utilises a wide range of investigatory methods, including NTproBNP blood tests, Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing, Right Heat Catheterisation, Echocardiography and Cardiac MR Scanning. To make an appointment please contact Dr Shaw's Secretarial Team


A private assessment by Dr Shaw offers an unparalleled level of expertise


​Heart Failure (CHF) is a serious condition where the pumping function of the heart fails to meet the demands of the body. If possible, all patients suspected to have this condition should be seen by a consultant cardiologist who is a recognised Heart Failure specialist. This means a consultant who dedicates the majority of their workload to Heart Failure patients and leads a multi-disciplinary Heart Failure team. Dr Shaw is a leading Heart Failure Specialist and is based in Manchester.

In 2016, Dr Shaw was awarded the ‘You’re Simply Marvellous’ award by the Pumping Marvellous Foundation.

He was nominated by the patient community to receive the award. One of his heart failure patients commended Dr Shaw for his outstanding patient care in enabling understanding of her condition, Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, heart failure in pregnancy.

She said: “When I arrived at UHSM, I was in a terrible condition and there was a point where there was little hope I was going to make it through the night. Dr Shaw and his team not only worked really hard so I survived but they have also provided me with brilliant support ever since. It was always going to be difficult being a new mum with a heart problem but I am happy to have a cardiologist who understands and has both an interest and extensive experience in the condition”.